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Have you found that your business aches for strategic CFO-level advice, but is unable to spend limited resources that are not focused on product development, sales/marketing, and customer support?  Over the years we have had countless conversations with businesses that crave access to a broad range of strategic finance services, from data-driven analytics and problem-solving to valuation and accounting solutions, all to help solve vexing business issues.

We are pleased to now offer fractional CFO and FP&A services to our clients.

  • Fractional CFO services
  • Business strategy consulting
  • Large or fixed asset purchase/disposition analysis, including real estate
  • Financial planning & analysis (e.g. customer or SaaS analytics)
  • Valuation & cap table analysis
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Accounting advisory services & bookkeeping
  • Managing invoicing, accounts receivables and payables
  • Back-end business consulting (e.g. insurance, audit, employee benefits)

The beauty of this model is that insights gained through this service can be massively scalable and profitable, particularly if paired with the right set of technology solutions, while not committing you to permanent overhead costs.  Whether it be identifying and defining the correct addressable market(s), developing robust ROI-driven customer acquisition intiatives, CRM or pricing strategies, or better utilizing the assets that exist within your four walls, sound judgment and decision-making is all-too-often the difference between business success and struggle.

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